How to make exotic banana ice cream

Hi guys! Today I’d like to show you how to make a simple banana ice cream at home.


First, we need half a kilo of bananas, I’ve chosen the dark ones, as they are much more sweeter, and it’s said that such bananas can even cure cancer. I don’t know whether it is truth, but I know for sure that this bananas are tastier than half green ones. We also need 50 ml of warm water, jelly, I picked pineapple, as I want it to be extraordinary and exotic. If you want ice cream with just banana taste, add banana jelly. We also need a wooden pallet, vanilla powder, blender, and for making an ice cream mould we need a can, sticky tape and scissors.


First of all let’s make an ice cream mould. I think there’s no need in my comments here, so let’s start the work.

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We have to get such a mould, you may regulate it’s size if you want, you may do it to your liking. Let’s move to making of ice cream. First, we have to pill and slice banana to small pieces.


Then add one table spoon of pineapple jelly to 50 ml of warm water, and mix it till it completely dissolves. Then add a pinch of vanilla powder, pour this liquid onto bananas, and grind it with blender.


In conclusion, put this mixture into the mould with a table spoon carefully. Put the mould into freezer for a few hours. As soon as ice cream begins to freeze, put there a wooden pallet.


Ice cream is ready. Let’s pull it out of the mould, and see what we have got.
Do you know?
The biggest ice cream snowman was made in Moscow. Its height was about 2 meters, and its weight was up to 300 kg.

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