How to make creative flower pots

Hi guys! The partners from Israel gave me two small cactuses at the YouTube meeting VideoPeople. They knew that I adore cactus. Unfortunately, I’ve not time to plant them yet. Today the day has come to make a decorative flower pot for one of them.


Let me name things we need, and then we will start the work. First, we need a plastic bottle for 3 liters, sticky tape 4 plastic cups. One cup is empty, the second one is half filled with cement, the third one is half filled with gypsum, and the fourth one is filled with water. There’s a container to mix everything in, one straw, stationary knife, marker, scissors and a mixer.


Put a plastic cup on the bottle neck and line with the marker.


Cut it out with the stationary knife.


Turn down the plastic bottle, put the marker on the cup and draw the line.


Cut it out with scissors. We don’t need this part of bottle any more. Take a cup, make a hole for the straw in its bottom. Move to the mould assembling. Insert the cup, apply a sticky tape around to close any holes which may leak.


Turn the mould, cut off a piece of straw, insert it and fix it with a sticky tape.


We are making a solution. Add cement, gypsum, water, mix all that properly with the mixer and pour into the mould.


Even it with a wooden pallet. Put it under the sum and wait till it gets dry. Gypsum and cement have been frozen. Cut the mould a bit and remove the semi-product. To prevent the pot from moisture, cover it with nitro-lacquer.


In conclusion, we just have to insert the cactus. Put brick stones on the bottom of the pot, then a bit of cactus ground. Pull the cactus out with the ground, don’t remove it or cut the roots.


That’s all, flower pot is ready, we have already planted the cactus. Thanks to the partners for these amazing cactuses. Thank you for watching this video, I hope you liked it. See you in the next video.

Do you know?
In Mexico the symbolic tree of New Year is cactus.

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