How to make Christmas decorations

Hi my dear friends! Today I’d like to show you how to make a silver Christmas ball, and how to decorate a plain candle make it golden.


What do we need to make this? We need a candle, foam plastic ball, which we have made before. You may watch the video how to make it right now. We also need pins. I’ve chosen pins of golden and silver colors.


Firstly, let’s make a silver Christmas ball. We are sticking silver pins into foam plastic. In a half an hour the ball looks like this.


We just need to fix a piece of thread on the last pins. Hand-made silver Christmas ball is ready.


Let’s move to the candle. As you might have guessed the decoration of the candle will be proceeded in the same way. New Year hand-made crafts are ready.


You may easily create such beautiful things, which will raise your Christmas spirits, just using plain pins. Thank you so much for your attention and viewing the video. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
Eskimos celebrate New Year with coming of the first snow.

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