How to make chips at home

Hello my dear friends! Here is Roman with you as usual. In my today’s video I’d like to tell you how to prepare home made chips with your own hands.


First we need a glass of flour, sunflower oil, two kilograms of potato, a knife for pilling and slicing the chips, chicken flavouring. It should be chicken because it has a specific compound, a sort of tender taste. Let me read it’s pack compound for you to familiarize with it better. Content: sweet pepper powder, curry, coriander, grinded onion, caraway, tomato powder, grinded spicy red pepper, ginger, grinded white pepper, caraway and nutmeg.


First of all we need to pill and slice the potato.

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We wash the slices in a kitchen sink,


move to another dish to make the mixing process more easier, add flour, then the flavouring, salt to your liking and mix it properly. Try to add the flavouring to your liking, my pack of flavouring contains 50 grams and I have just two kilograms of potato, it’s surely too big flavouring proportion, so I have added approximately 20-30 grams.

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Let’s move to the last but not least stage of chips preparation – frying. The best when you fry chips in the deep fryer, because you can bathe all the chips at a time in the heated oil, wait for 2-3 minutes depending on the oil temperature, you may also orient on the golden brown.


If you haven’t got a deep fryer, you may just use a frying pan or a pan. The main thing is that the potato must be completely covered with the oil.


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