How to make an optical illusion of spinning disks

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make such a nice illusion of spinning disks.


. First, we need three disks, a cooler, a controllable power supply unit, if you haven’t got such a power supply unit, you may replace it with one or two AA batteries. Cooler is for 12 V, but we need to make it spin much slower. In order to decrease the motor rotation speed you may use some additional schemes. And to make the construction simpler and not to complicate it too much, we will connect cooler with 1,5-2 V. Also we need a coin, electrical tape and a glue pistol.


First of all we have to connect cooler with a power supply unit, that is quite simple, as cooler has the plus for the red wire, and the minus for the black. Power supply unit has plus for the red wire, and minus for the red wire with black stripe. Connect plus to plus, and minus to minus. After we connected the wires, we have to isolate them with electrical tape.


We move to the most interesting thing, stick a coin straight in the middle of the cooler.


Stick the disk to the coin straight in the middle too.


Then, glue the second disk to the first one with a little decline. Stick the third disk to the second one with a little decline, but on the opposite side from the sticking place.


Illusion is ready. Plug the power supply into a socket, regulate the circulation and enjoy.
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