How to make an office slingshot

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Hi! My name is Roman. Today I’d like to show you how to make an office slingshot.


First, we need a scotch tape or a sticky tape, scissors, banknote elastics. The more elastics you attach – the more powerful the shot would be. We also need metal stationary clips: two items for 50 mm, two items for 30 mm, and three items for 15 mm. Office or student slingshot will shoot with barbecue skewers, pencil, or pen pivot.


Remove metal handles from the smallest clips.


Clutch them with two medium size clips, and remove metal handles too.


. We have to get such a construction. Stick the banknote elastics with sticky tape, stretch them on the clips, and clutch the elastic with two big clips.


Office slingshot is ready. Insert a tool you found at office, school, or university in it. There may be a pen, a pencil, or a pen pivot. Let’s test it.


Do you know?
Once in 60s, a farm owner from Milan gave a new slingshot to each boy of the block in honor of the company’s anniversary.

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