How to make an motor with straws

Hello, my dear friends! In today’s video I’ll show you how you can make a funny toy for children. It may be called the children’s helicopter or air motor, but it is very cool toy and a great entertainment for children.


So what we will need to make here such an air motor. We need only two straws, many people are used to call them tubes.


Lets take first and a second straw. Now, we take a pair of scissors and cut a small piece of the straw. Now we take a pair of scissors and this small piece of the straw, fold it in the middle, take a pair of scissors and cut the corners. First we cut off the first corner


and now we cut off the second one.


Lets go to the next step, for this we need a lighter and round pliers.
In this position, we should have a hole, while we press one edge and heat well with the lighter.


It turns out that we have already blocked one end and we do the same with the second end of the tube. We warm it well, leave it to cool down and then we should squeeze a little by your finger.


Then we cut the corner in the one hand with scissors.


But on the other hand, we have to cut the bottom of the corner.


We cut the bottom of the corner.


As you can see here is a whole in the little corner and the same is here.


Now let’s move on to the second piece. Take the tube, measure approximately 2 cm from the edge and do the next cut. I will cut it and then will show you.


So here is a snip that we should get. Now take the first tube, which we have prepared previously, insert it, and it turns out that it comes in the groove.


Next we take the round pliers and overlap the end of the tube. It’s also heated. Wait until it cools down a little bit and press down with your finger.


Well that’s all guys. Air motor made by two straws is ready. And let me explain how it works. For example, we blow to the straw and an air exits from the first and second incisions. Thus, the air turns propeller. Now let’s test it.


That’s all my friends. Here’s a great children’s entertainment that we made. Thank you all for watching this video. I wish you a good day. Bye-bye.

Do you know?
Joseph Friedman Corporation for manufacturing tubes was registered in 1939 and after about ten years Friedman became a millionaire.

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