How to make an invisible crib?

Hi everybody! As far as you know it’s not good to cheat. But what we can do, if we have to memorize a lot of information in a short period of time. Well, I’m going to tell you how to make a crib maximally invisible, transparent. We need a scotch tape, water, and a printed or copied crib. The size of letters you should choose on your own, as it depends on the distance you will look at this crib from.


So let’s start. I’m gonna show you how to make it. I hope that this video will be useful and interesting for you. Here is our paper, a simple copy, a scotch, a bowl with water, scissors. First of all we have to stick the scotch to the side with the letters. It’s important to stick it evenly without bubbles. After that you have to stick it properly with the ruler or just with the nail.


After we stuck it properly, we take a bowl with water, and begin to wet the paper without fear and scratch off it all. Now I’m going to show you a piece, for an example. And then I will speed up the shooting to make it clear for you. As you see, it works out a bit.

Без имени-1

Now let’s look at what we have got. I put it on the arm for you to see it more clearly. That’s it.

Без имени-1

  It’s better to cover the bottle for water with it. Of course, there can be smaller letters. Look at the instruction, it’s written with the small letters, and the letters of the crib are big. If you get the same diameter and the same font, there will be black letters above the white, and it will be invisible, and convenient for you.


Thank you all for your attention. Bye everyone! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, there are a lot of interesting videos, of course, I will add more. Well, see you later! Bye everyone! Thanks for your attention!

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