How to make an imitated skewer under the skin for Halloween

Hello guys! Halloween is coming soon, so I’d like to start making videos about this wonderful holiday. I hope you’ll be interested in it and you’ll be watching my reproductions. Today I’m going to show you the simplest imitation of a skewer in the arm. The video is very simple and it’s very easy to make this imitation, however it looks very realistic.

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Further the videos will be more complicated – with the masks and pumpkins. By the way, video about the mask will be a bit more complicated, as a lot of you asked me vkontakte about this video with the mask. Guys, it will be a bit later. So, let’s start! I’m going to tell you what we need to make an imitated skewer in the arm. We need one barbecue skewer, super glue, and any paint for making blood. I am going to use a simple acrylic paint. To make the imitation more realistic you may mix paint with gelatin, as it curdles and becomes like a real blood.


So, let’s start, and I’ll show you how to make it. First, we have to drop a few drops of glue on the skewer, nearly in the middle of it. One drop, two. Don’t drop more, because it will be difficult to tear it from the skin.


Next, as you see, I have a red spot here as I made some experiments previously, and that was successful. However a spot had left, it might be a little chafe on the skin after glue, but don’t worry, it’s not harmful. It is said that during war time the super glue was used for sticking the wounds. I don’t know whether it is true or not, leave your comments, it will be interesting to read them. So guys, we put a skewer on the arm, press into, make a crease of skin with two fingers. Look, here is the crease. As you may see I have pressed the skin at both sides, wrapping the skewer with it.


Leave it and let it dry a little bit.  As you may see, it looks like the skewer was pierced through the skin and left just underneath it. Well, it won’t be convenient to those who have some hair on the arm, or if you are going to make this imitation on your face, you’ll have to tear the super glue with your hair. But it’s OK to give away a bit hair for this deal. Well guys, it looks so.


On top you may apply some powder or make-up foundation, if you’ve got a girlfriend or even take it from your mother and make a light make-up on the top of the arm. At the sides you need to apply some paint for blood imitation. So, I’m going to take a skewer to apply the paint gradually. So I took a toothpick and add the paint little by little.


You may notice that this paint is too bright, I guess that this is the reason why it doesn’t look as realistic as blood. So if you find a proper recipe to imitate blood 100%, that would look really brilliant. The best thing I like in this imitation is that fact, for example, you are going to Halloween holiday and forgot to do a make-up, or you had not an opportunity to do it. You may just buy a few skewers, super glue and some paint walking to the party. This imitation will look very realistic even without the paint. It is possible to do a make-up in a few minutes, and it can be also done on the face. You don’t need to worry, as the super glue is not so harmful as it is told, that it wouldn’t tear or something like this.
Well guys, that’s what I’ve got, it’s quite realistic.

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I hope you liked this video. If you want the videos on Halloween topic appear more often, write in comments and if the majority of you is for this topic, I’m definitely going to make such videos. That’s all! Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day! Bye-bye everyone!

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