How to make an electric toothbrush

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea of how to make an electric toothbrush.


In order to make it, we of course, need a toothbrush, a small battery, a vibro-motor, which you can remove from an old cell-phone, a switch and a few wires.


We have to wrap the lashes of the toothbrush with a food foil properly, to prevent them from dust during the work. Now we need to cut the handle in two places. In the upper part there will be the vibro-motor and bellow there will be the battery. Sure, we are going to cut it with the hacksaw.


Next, we need to make two cavities in the handle. One for the vibro-motor in the upper part, as I said previously, and the one for the battery.


Make a through hole for wires in the central part of the handle. Also make a hole for the switch.


The main job is done. Let’s move to assembling. First, solder two wires to the vibro-motor. Now pass the wires from the vibro-motor in the central part of the toothbrush handle. Stick the vibro-motor strictly in the center with the hot glue.


Pass through one more short wire into the toothbrush handle and solder the switch to it.


Stick it properly with the hot glue. Now we need to solder these two wires to the battery. Red wire should be soldered to the plus and the white one to the minus.


After we soldered the wires check if everything works well. It works perfectly, as you may notice. Then we just need to stick it properly with the super glue. That’s all, guys. Electric toothbrush is ready.


If you want you can unstick the hot glue easily and change the battery. That’s all for today, my dear friends. Thank you for your attention. Don’t forget to subscribe. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
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