How to make an alcohol burner

Hi my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make an alcohol burner with an aluminum jar.


First, we need one aluminum can from Cola, Sprite or beer, round pliers, 4 boxes of matches, stationary knife, spirits, felt pen or marker, and scissors.


Firstly, we have to cut the top of the can, and remove it with round pliers.


Then, put two matches boxes, a stationary knife, and cut off the bottom of the can.


The same procedure should be done with the top of the can, but you need to put four boxes of matches.


Put two boxes of matches near the top part, draw the line with the felt pen, put marks at 1 cm intervals, and cut with the scissors.


In conclusion, put these two parts together.


Let’s test our hand made burner of the aluminum can.


That’s all, my dear friends. We have made such a burner. We have boiled 250 ml of water in 2-3 minutes, so I’ll note the accurate time, and tell you the certain time of boiling the water, and how much alcohol it takes.


 Thanks for your attention and for viewing the video. Don’t forget to estimate it, write comments, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done it yet. Bye-bye everyone!

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