How to make an AIRGUN with a Plastic Bottle

Hello everybody! Today in this video I’d like to tell you how to make a pneumatic gun with your own hands.


We need to take three wooden rails of lengths 30 cm, 12 cm and 11 cm each one.


I made such an unusual hole in this rail. Firstly, I took a drill with less diameter, drilled the rail through, then I took a drill of a bigger diameter and drilled a half of the hole. Screenshot_3

Then we take such an unusual fitting, I bought it at the market in the bicycle tools department, it costs only 1 dollar.


Then we need a lid, a kind of a valve plug from the cleaning agents or, for example, from some gel.


A plastic bottle 0,5; a straw; 5 mm metal pneumatic balls. So let’s start, you will be able to watch how I will be making this item, of course we are going to test it. I hope you will be interested and you’ll watch this video up to the end.

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14 Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22

That’s all. We have got such a hand made pneumatic gun, of course, there are a lot of shortcomings, but we will improve it together eventually. Let me show you, first of all, how it works and then we will test it. Firstly, we have to inflate the bottle with the air using a pump, nearly 5-6 moves will be enough, then we put a metal ball into the straw and finally we have to pull the bottle with the ring. At this time a valve plug opens and the air under pressure pushes metal balls out.


That’s all, my dear friends, we have got such a pneumatic gun and it shots quite well. Thanks for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and pres “like”, if you did like this video and share it with your friends! I hope they will be interested in it as well! Thanks for your attention! Roman was here with you! Bye-bye everyone!

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