How to make an air-brush

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today in my video I’d like to show you how to make a small aerograph, many people name it air-brush.


First of all we need just one pen, vine stopper and a little glass bottle where we will pour the paint.


We need to take a pen to pieces and blow out all the ink from the refill. In order to not blow out the ink with your mouth, I have prepared a syringe, initially heated its nose with the lighter and spun it over with the barbecue skewer. We are going to wash out the ink with the spirit or water.


Then we need to cut a small corner in the vine stopper. I have painted the whole construction beforehand (stopper, foam plastic, gum, pen body, pen refill) for you to understand it better and further I’m going to continue without comments.


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Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22

Here is it! The aerograph is ready, we just have to concentrate the paint and pour it into the bottle.
Pain may have a different tenacity, that’s why I can’t tell you the certain proportions. The one thing I can tell is that it should be a little bit more dense than water. Well, lets move to the testing.


As you may notice, the aerograph, despite its small size, does its work perfectly, as the paint lies on the surface very well. That is all! Thanks a lot for your attention! Don’t forget to share my videos with your friends, I hope that they will be interested in my channel the same as you are. Surely press “thumb up”, if you liked the video, as it helps the development of the channel. Thank you so much for your attention once again! Bye-bye everyone!

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