How to make a wax rose /candle

Hey guys! February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day is aproaching, so in today’s video we will make a small gift — a rose of wax. Of course this rose can be presented as a usual souvenir, but if we add inside of it a wick, it will be possible to present it as a beautiful, decorative candle.


So, what we will need for making of such a beautiful candle in the shape of rose? Firsltly, we certainly need wax. I have wax in this glass box of different candles of various colors, but don’t worry, we will melt everything and get a nice one-color wax. Next, we need the blade from stationery knife, a piece of wick, gas burner and, of course, a small piece of glass or mirror. Personally I would do it all on the table, because it’s perfectly smooth and it has no scratches. The first thing that we need to do is to melt the wax using a gas burner.


For the next we pour the wax on the table, wait until it cools down a bit


cut into two parts


now we tear wax from the table.


We put aside this piece, put the wick and begin to wrap quickly until the wax is still warm.


We need to melt the second piece again and do the same thing time and time again.


Now we begin to bend the edges slightly.


In the conclusion we form something like bud and round the edges.


Well that’s all, friends. A modest, but a very beautiful and original gift for February 14th is already done


and the most important thing is that it has been made on your own.
Thank you for your attention. Bye — bye.

Do you know?
The expression «the game is not worth the candle» came from the speech of gamblers, who were saing like that about a very small benefit that didn’t cover the cost of candles burned down during the game.

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