How to make a water rocket with a plastic bottle

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today I’d like to show you an idea of making the simplest water rocket with a plastic bottle.


First, we need one plastic bottle, one fitting, which you may remove from old bicycle wheel or a car, or even buy it in the market approximately for 1 dollar. Then we need a glue pistol, a piece of thread. I’m going to use a nylon thread as it is stronger. A simple pump and a tap water.


First of all, we have to make a small hole in the plastic bottle lid, you can make it with a knife or a screw driver. Then we set the fitting, stick it with a hot-melt glue a bit to make it leakproof, and twist properly the screws at the both sides. We have to get such a semi-product.


Then, we need to add a glue ring on each side of the lid. It is needed in order to prevent thread from slipping while it is getting wrapped. Also, don’t forget to fix one end of the thread while making the rings.


We have got the simplest water rocket with a plastic bottle. Let me explain you how it works. For instance, fill the bigger half of bottle with the water, twist the lid, don’t twist it too much, it just shouldn’t leak air. Then we take a pump and inflate the bottle with air. I can’t tell exactly how many injections you should make with the pump, because it depends on the diameter. After we inflated the bottle with air, and wrap the thread around the lid. We have to hold the bottle with the left hand a bit, and pull the thread with the right hand, the lid will be unwrapped quickly, and pressure and water will lift the bottle up.


Do you know?
Lighting of each rocket before the start costs 170 thousand rubles.

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