How to make a water pistol at home


Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea of a hand made water pistol. First we need three polypropylene pipes. The length of this short pipe is 14 cm, and the length of these two pipes is76 cm. Also you should pay attention at the internal and external diameter of the pipes. Internal diameter of the thick pipe is 32mm, and the diameter of the thin one is 20 mm. Not to confuse with the internal and external diameters, when you buy them in the tool shop, you should notice that the thin pipe passes through the thick one easily and you can push it till the end, and pull it out with ease. We also need such a muff, one wine stopper, a pen, and a cover plug. All the things, besides stopper and pen, you may buy in the tool shop.


First of all we have to connect two polypropylene pipes with the muff. And set a cover plug on the end of the thick pipe. It is very easy to set all the things. It’s great if you’ve got a hot air gun, if you haven’t got it, you may do it like did I. Just heat the ends of the pipe at the stove, and then insert into the muff or a cover plug.
We have to get such two semi-products.


Then we stick a piece of wine stopper to this end of the pipe. We cut a piece like a pancake and stick it with the hot-melt glue strictly in the center.


In conclusion, we make a small hole in the cover plug,


take a pen to pieces and stick the pen’s pipe to it. That’s all. A water pistol is ready. We have stuck the pen’s pipe to increase the shooting distance.


It works quite simply, we just insert the nose in the water, then pull back the plunger, and in order to shoot we need to push the plunger.


Do you know?
Firs water pistols were made of metal and contained a compressible rubber blowhole, which provided emission of the water from the pistol. Batch production of such pistols was first established in 1915.

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