How to make a water lighter

Hello everybody! Roman is here with you! Today I’d like to show you how to make a water lighter or a spray nozzle, I don’t know how to call it in another way.


We need a simple used lighter, a knife, a piece of ink straw, a nail, a syringe and a burner.


First of all we need to take the lighter to pieces. I think you won’t have troubles with it. We just remove cover, roller, stone, coil, pawl, gas controller, then we take a knife and remove a black plastic


Next we unwrap the plug. If there’s a gas inside, you may leave it out in the street, don’t be afraid, just open it and leave it out.


We need to remove this stick from the lighter, it won’t be useful, we’re going to replace it with the straw.


We take an ink straw, a nail and a burner. For example, we heat the nail and flare the ink. Approximately, we get this one.

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Then we put together the lighter. Instead of this stick we insert the ink straw, then wrap the plug.


And now, attention! If you are going to make this toy for children, don’t put the chalcedony back, because it may produce sparks and a child can burn it, even with an empty lighter it is possible to set fire. However, if you decided to fool around an adult, you should put the chalcedony back in order to get sparkle and make the lighter more realistic. To insert the chalcedony with easy you need to cut off the bottom,


then we put inside pawl, roller, next is coil, and insert it all together in the lighter,


set the gas controller and latch the pawl.


. We have already put a lighter together, it looks the same as it looked before, the only thing we have changed in it is an ink straw from a pen instead of a plastic stick.


Then we take a syringe, a needle, we bend it this way and wrap it around several times. It is wrapped at one place, then we just pull it out, you may use a knife for this purpose as well.

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We have pulled the needle out, we don’t need it any more.

Then we put a syringe into the water and fill a half of the syringe with water and leave a half for the air. I’ve got a 5 ml syringe, so there is 2-3 ml of the water and the rest is the air.

After that we press the pawl of the lighter, and fill it.

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So our water lighter is ready, let’s test it.


Well, that was such a little idea. Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and press “like” button! Bye-bye everyone!