How to make a vinyl record watch

Hi guys! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a decorative vinyl record watch.


We need a drill. In case you have no drill, you may substitute it with the thread files. We also need a glue stick, a clock mechanism, which you can buy in the shop or remove it from used watch. Then, you need a stencil, it may be downloaded from the community vk, or odnoklassniki. The main thing we need is a vinyl record. Don’t take a new one not to spoil it, you may take an old scratched vinyl record.


First, apply some glue on a stencil, and stick it to the vinyl record.


Then we need to have a little patience and cut out the picture with the fret saw. Then, round the merges using borer or thread files, and highlight the image.


Remove stencil with a wet towel, and set clock mechanism.


That’s all, my dear friends. Decorative watch is ready. It looks awesome. Tank you very much for your attention. Don’t forget to subscribe, press like, and share my videos with your friends, I hope they’ll like my channel too. Bye-bye everyone!

Do you know?
Not only audio, but also video was recorded on the vinyl records.

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