How to make a vacuum bazooka with a vacuum cleaner

Hello my dear friends. In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea of making a hand made vacuum bazooka with a vacuum cleaner. I think that it will serve as a nice summer entertainment for children.


To make a vacuum bazooka we need a vacuum cleaner. The more powerful suction force it has, the more powerful shooting will be. Then, we need a PVC drain pipe of 1 meter in length and 40 mm in diameter, triple adaptor with decline of 45 degrees, a sheet of paper, which I took from the note pad, sticky tape, a box from Kinder and about 50 grams of salt.


First of all we have to insert one end of the PVC pipe into triple adaptor, which already has a rubber casing ring, so we don’t need a sealing compound.


Next, we insert the vacuum cleaner hose pipe into the adaptor’s hole with decline of 45 degrees. As the diameters of pipes are different, we are going to seal them with the help of sticky tape.


Vacuum bazooka is ready! Let’s move to the preparation of the charge. In the quality of the charge we will use a box from Kinder. In order to increase the carry we need to weight it a bit, so we pour some salt. Here is the most interesting moment, when I an going to explain you how our vacuum bazooka works. It works very easily. We turn on the vacuum cleaner, the air is sucked from the front and back sides. We put a sheet of paper on the front side, blocking the air suck. We insert a box from Kinder in the back, vacuum cleaner sucks it in, a box takes run and breaks out the sheet of paper.


Do you know?
Bazooka was initially the name of a trombone-like wind instrument.

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