How to make a USB ventilator at home

Hello everybody! Roman is here with you! Today I’d like to show you how to make a USB ventilator at home. Nearly two weeks ago I received messages on Skype and Youtube to show how I make it. Of course, there are lots of ideas, but I’m going to show you my own idea. Well, we need a CD disk, used silicone glue tube, I have made one hole in it’s cap and two holes on the sides before. I made the holes with a simple nail, previously heated with the lighter. Also, we need a wooden bar, I’ve made a cut and the deepening on it with the emery beforehand. I made a propeller with a simple mini CD disk. I previously drew the lines with the marker on it, then heated a stationary knife, made cuts, then heated it with the lighter and bended the blades. This a plain out of work USB wire, with the broken mini USB connection, so we cut it off and here it’s useful for us. I took motor, holder and adapter from a simple CD disk drive, which was also out of work. We are going to assemble all this with the help of a glue pistol. So let me show it without comments, I hope it will be clear for you.


Well, our USB ventilator is ready. You just have to paint it with your favorite color. Thank you all for your attention! I hope I’ve shown and explained it clear to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye-bye everyone!

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