How to make a USB flashlight


Hi everybody! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a USB flashlight for lap top. So we need a wire, USB jack, LED, and the foundation, on which we will install these all. As the foundation I took an old stove lighter as it has a corrugated part. If you haven’t got such a lighter, you can remove this corrugated part from used earphones with the built-in microphone. I’ll remove LED from an old computer mouse, and USB connector I’ll take from an old MP3 player.


So let’s start. First we have to unsolder these all. After we have unsoldered USB jack and LED, we have to connect them and set into the frame. LED has both plus and minus, there are both anode and cathode. How to distinguish where is anode and cathode? A smaller connector on the LED is plus, and the bigger one is minus. To distinguish plus and minus in the connector, place the plate of the connector down, a right edge wire is plus, and a left edge wire is minus.

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

That’s all. We have got such a USB flashlight. Thanks for your attention. Don’t forget to press thumb up if you liked this video. Subscribe to my channel! Bye-bye everyone!

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