How to make a USB flash drive-lighter


Hi guys! Well, recently I’ve dropped my flash drive, unfortunately. As you may see, it is loose now. Well, there’s no way to link it to the USB port, as it goes back each time I link it. Firstly, I had an idea just to glue it and fix it in this state. After that I decided to make a little modding for it, and today I’m going to show you the process.
We need a stationary knife, a small lighter “Cricket”, flash drive, screw driver with the 3 mm borer, and a glue pistol.


First of all we need to release gas out of the lighter, if it unused. It may be done by holding the pawl during 1-2 minutes. Next, we have to make two holes in the bottom of a lighter and cut out this part around the contour neatly with the stationary knife. You may see that there’s a plastic stripe inside the lighter, you have to cut it out with the stationary knife too.

Без имени-1

Then we take the flash drive neatly to pieces. Insert into the lighter and stick with the hot-melt glue.

Без имени-1

We have already made a flash drive-lighter. Let’s test it. Insert it into the USB port, open, and it works perfectly, as you may notice. By the way, there are photos from Video People with Sergey Simonov, Stas Davidov and me, next is the stage of Video People, Max +100500 with me, and Ilukha Zveriyo. If you are not aware of who he is, I’m going to leave a link in subscription to the video. Subscribe to his channel, because it’s a great channel, as for me, I like it very much. There are very positive vlogs, unboxing videos, traveling… so subscribe to the channel of Ilukha and to my channel too!
Bye-bye everyone!
Do you know?

If you keep a flash drive in the refrigerator, storage period of information lasts longer.

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