How to make a turn-key little system unit modding with your hands

Hi my dear friends! In today`s video I`d like to show you a great idea of how to make a little system unit modding.
The modding will be the following: we are going to install the lock on the system unit and the computer will be enabled only with a key.
While you are not at home home, your family or friends will not be able to enable your computer and even if you have a password set.
So what do we need to make this modding? Of course we need a system unit, a dual-cut drill and an old landline phone with a key or with the locking 0. If you don`t have a such phone you can buy it on a junk market or in the shop of radio electronics.


Also we need other tools except the dual-cut drill.
We need to dismantle the phone and remove the electronic lock.
We unscrew 4 screws with a screwdriver and remove a cover panel and here is our lock. Then we cut wires with cutters, chuck a little clip and remove the lock.


Now we remove a computer cover panel, unscrew 2 screws.
It`s need to check what wires connect the on/off button. Here we have red and black wires. We make a small hole for the lock.


Through this hole we push the wires ( from the on/off button)
With such a hook of the wire it is easier to get the wire.
These two wires connect the switch and these two connect a motherboard.
We choose any wire, cut it with cutters and strip the wire, then we solder the wire to the switch.
The switch has three positions. We select two contacts or black and green or red and black.


We apply hot melt glue and we glue the lock.


Our modding is ready, let’s it test.
For example, our guest tries to turn on the computer and nothing happens.
And we insert a key, turn it and turn on the computer.
We remove a key, working, then again we insert a key, turn it, holding the button and we switch off the computer.
Now, friends, you can be sure that nobody can switch on your computer as you have already two protections, the lock with a key and the system password which you can set.
That`s all my dear friends. Thank you very much for your attention!
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