How to make a tumbling stand for stationary tools

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today, in my video I’m going to show you how to make a tumbling stand for stationary tools.


We need an aluminum can from Coca-Cola, Sprite, or any other soft drinks, a small piece of lead, which you can get from an old lead/acid accumulator, or a fisherman plummets, as they are mainly made with lead. Then, a stationary knife, round pliers and one screw.


First of all we need to cut the upper part of the can lid with stationary knife, and remove it with round pliers.


Next, we have to heat lead in any metal vessel, I took an old unnecessary ladle. Pour it into the bottom of a can.


Temporary, insert a screw.


After lead was cooled, remove it from the can with round pliers. Twist back the screw, and put the mould back into the bottom of a can, but in reverse.


So we got a tumbling stand for stationary tools made with an aluminum can. Thank you very much for viewing this video, don’t forget to estimate and share it with your friends, and subscribe to the channel. Bye-bye everyone.

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