How to make a trinket flashlight with two plastic lids

Hi my dear friends. In today’s video I’ll show you a brilliant idea about how to make a mini trinket flashlight with simple plastic lids. Well, in order to make a mini trinket flashlight we need a 3 volt battery, a switch, which you may remove from an old mouse click, or from an old CD-ROM as I did. By the way, this switch was removed previous time from an old CD-ROM, from the card, in particular, when we were testing the third hand for soldering. We also need to tale one LED of any color, a couple of wires and two plastic lids.


First, we need to make two holes in one plastic lid. One square hole for the switch and one round hole for the LED.


We move to assembling. Pass a switch through the hole we made previously. Pass the LED through. Then solder a short pawl from the LED to the switch contact.


You need to solder a wire to the second switch contact and one wire to the long pawl from the LED.


Now we need to cover LED, switch and two contacts with hot glue.


In the conclusion, connect the plus pole of battery to the long pawl of LED, and the minus pole should be connected to the switch wire. Install the battery.


We just have to make a cover for the flashlight with a plastic lid as well. We have got such a cover.


Stick it with a super glue or a hot glue. Don’t apply too much glue, because it will be hard to remove the cover for change of battery. That’s all, guys, a mini trinket flashlight with two plastic lids is ready.


It looks awesome. You just need to attach a ring if you are going to use it as a trinket. That’s all for today. Thank you so much for your attention. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
The smallest LED in the world was made in Japan. Its length is 1 mm, the width is 0,8 mm, and its diameter is 0,2 mm.