How to make a tip stick display stand for nail art with your hands?

Hello, friends!
Recently I`ve hade an order to make a tip stick display stand nail design. So I decided that you would like see how to make it. For making this Z-stand we need heat gun, organic glass, plastic sticks 4mm in diameter, tips, screwdriver, 4 and 5 mm drill bits and glue gun.


As a nail tech has a small space on a table we need a stand of following sizes: 350 mm horizontally


and 100 mm vertically.


First we need to draw two lines, near the 95 mm mark and the other one near the 95 mm mark. It remains in reserve 11 mm.


It will be a lower part of the stand, so it should be more steady. The distance between cells is 20 mm not including 5 and 10 mm ends.


 I left here 10 mm as it will be a bend and of course loss.
So, friends, let`s pass on to the most laborious and boring work, it means to vent. In total we have 5 rows with 23 wholes in each row. See, guys, what happened. I over pressed a screwdriver and the organic glass is broken as we left only 0.5 mm in the end.


And it was necessary to vent here very careful.
So friends, finally I vented all holes. It took a lot of time. During the venting I was thinking what to do wit this broken row. I decided to cut these corners with a fret saw and I think it will so cool.


Then we take a flint-paper and rub down the ends. Now we need to make a Z shape to our organic glass. We take a carpenter vice, fix it and heat a glass with a heat gun.


So I curved the glass.


Somewhere I superheated, boules occurred and I think it looks cool, especially here against the colorful nails. So we take off a base paper. As you can see the first row will bump up against the table and others will bump up against a organic glass. We still need to cut sticks and glue tips to them.

screenshot_12 screenshot_13

So, guys, that`s all. Our stand for «nails army» is ready.
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Do you know?
If you have ever had white pots on your nails probably you were told that that was due to the lack of calcium in the body. But in fact white spots appear due to injury of nail plate.

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