How to make a third hand for soldering

Hi my dear friends. In today’s video I’ll show you a brilliant idea about how to make a third hand for soldering.


So in order to make the simplest third hand for soldering we need a piece of laminate, I have made three holes of 5 mm in it. We also need two bolts and 6 screws of 5 mm. Next, we take 2 metal plates. It’s better to pick thicker metal plates to prevent them from bending under the weight. I’ve made 4 holes in the metal plates. Two holes are 5 mm in diameter to fit the bolts, and the other two holes are 3 mm in diameter to fit the bolts of two crocodile clips.


I have prepared all the necessary things for making a third hand. So let’s start assembling. First of all pass a bolt through and twist the screws, clench it. Then, pass the second bolt through and twist the screw and clench it in the same way.


Next you have to twist one more screw approximately for a half of a centimeter.


Untwist the bolts from the crocodile clips. Pass the bolt through the plate and clench it closely. Well, the first semi-product is ready. We have to do the same thing with the second one.


In the conclusion, we just have to pass the plate through and clench them with the screws.


The third hand for soldering is ready. Let’s test it.


That’s all, guys. The third had for soldering is ready. Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day! Bye-bye!

Do you know?
In 2002 a smart retiree from Sevastopol using the soldering iron as the gun had scared three bandits and took away the things they had stolen.

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