How to make a thermos flask

Hi everybody! Recently, I’ve read the suggestion of Vlad Grin in our community vkontakte, he asked to make something useful for tourism, as he’s going on hike soon. As it’s quite cold outdoors, I’m going to show you in this video how to make a thermos flask.


We need polyurethane foam, two plastic bottles of different sizes, food foil and scotch.


Firstly, we have to wrap a smaller bottle with the food foil with the glittery inside.


Then cut the second bottle in two pieces. Insert the first bottle inside and stick two parts with scotch tape.


That’s all. The thermos flask is almost ready. We just need to make a small cut, fill it with polyurethane foam and wait till it gets firm.


About 8 hours have been passed, foam got firm, and the thermos flask is ready for usage.


When you are going to make a thermos flask you’d better use a glass bottle inside, as plastic bottle will shrink from the boiled water, and your thermos might get damaged. You may use a glass bottle from vodka or other beverages. The most important thing is that bottle must have a screw lid. That’s all. Thanks for you attention. Roman was here with you. Don’t forget to subscribe, press thumb up, if you liked the video, and share my videos with your friends. Thanks for you attention. Bye-bye everyone!

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