How to make a temperature controller for solderer

Hi! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a stand with a temperature controller for solderer.


First, we need a switch with resistor, you can buy it approximately for $4 and more. The price depends on quality. Note that it is on 220V, because there are the same switches for 12V. We also need a socket. I’ve bought such a triple socket for 2 dollars. You may use either triple socket, or a simple one. Then, there’s a plug, 1,5-2 meters of cable, a piece of firm wire, it must be firm, as we are going to make a coil for the solderer holder with it.


Also, there’s a wooden brick with the holes, I’ve made beforehand for the socket, switch and other small things. If you have got no drill or a special cutter tool, you may take wooden brick, and set the items with the glue or screws.


Let’s start. I’ll show you the connecting scheme of assembling. I hope you’ll enjoy.

screenshot_4 screenshot_5 screenshot_6 screenshot_7

That’s all. The stand for solderer is ready. There are resin, flux, stick for a flux, solderer holder, three sockets and resistor, which enables to control strain and the temperature of a solderer. We also may put there a glue pistol. As I think that many of us encountered the situation when glue starts leaking. It is caused by overheating of the coil, which makes it too liquid. That’s all. Thank you for your attention. Roman was here with you.

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