How to make a tattoo-machine

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as always! Today, according to the request of Michael I’d like to show you how to make a tattoo-machine at home. Let me tell you what we need for it and then we’ll get started.


We need a used gel-ink pen, a peace of string, a metal plate bent this way, motor and power supply module or a battery to be powered from.


First, we need to remove the small ball from the gel refill. Of course, we can’t remove it, so we just grind on the emery paper or do it on such a brick like I do.


Then we cut the pen in two parts. We have to get nearly such a semi-product, another part we won’t need any more. Now we move to the motor fixing.


Then we have to heat a guitar string with the lighter and make a small hole in this plastic. By the way, if you haven’t got such a plastic circle, you may cut it from the stopper. You should make a hole closer to the center, because it influences the oscillation range of the needle, picture quality. A needle must go out the refill no more than 1,5-2 mm.


Well, our tattoo-machine is almost ready. We just need to pass the string through and bend it at one end a bit, and another end should be edged. Edging of the string may be done in different ways, someone does it with the metal etching or with the grindstone or emery paper.


Well, we connect the motor with the power supply module and move to the testing part.


That’s all. We have got such a tattoo-machine. Of course, all that should be disinfected. And even if you decided to make a tattoo, you must go to the specialist as it will be done for life.
Thank you all for your attention! Roman was with you! Bye-bye everyone!

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