How to make a strawberry ice cream at home

Hello my dear friends!
In today’s video I’d like to show you how to prepare a home made strawberry ice cream.


First of all we need a sour cream of 20%, strawberry, sugar, wooden pallet knifes, which I hope you’ll be able to buy in any pharmacy. They are not expensive and the pack contains 100 items. To make a mold we need a sticky tape, scissors, food foil and a plastic bottle.


Before all, I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter how much strawberry or sugar you have got. All that should be done to one’s liking. If you like strawberry very much, you may add more strawberry, and if you don’t like sweets, add less sugar.
First, let’s pour the sour cream into another bowl to make mixing easier. As you can see, the sour cream is very dense, so I think that we will get a very tasty ice cream. Next, we add strawberry, sugar, and mix it till smooth, like a yogurt.

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As you can see, we have done it well, but the only thing isn’t alright is that the mass is too watery. That’s why we are going to put it into a refrigerator to make it a bit jelly and more denser. Meanwhile, we are going to make a mold.
Firstly, we remove the label from a plastic bottle and cut it into two pieces. We have to get such a semi-product.


Now we just need to roll it.


Then we stick this pipe with a sticky tape. Then we take a piece of a food foil, double it, and cover the bottom. You may fix it with a sticky tape one more time to make it more stable. Ice cream mold is ready.


Next we take the yogurt, pour it into the mold, cover with the food foil on the top, stick a pallet knife and put into the freezing room for about 40 minutes.

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Do you know?
There’s new type of ice cream in one of London restaurants. It’s called “Baby Gaga”, which is based on the real human milk. It serves a waitress dressed in style of Lady Gaga.