How to make a stand for solderer

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a stand for solderer.


In order to make it we need round pliers or nippers, wire hanger. We are going to use a wire from a hanger, as it’s firm enough and springs a bit. We also need one disk, bolt with a screw, one marker, a tin can from preserves or sprats, and a solderer to test a hand made stand.


First, bite the wire at both ends, and level it.


Then, hold wire with the left hand, and roll it on the marker slowly with the right hand. Bite the odds of the wire. Make a small ear. Cut off the odds. We need to get approximately such a semi-product.


We have to make a small hole in a tin can. It’s easy to do with the nail as the metal is very thin. We just have to assemble our hand made stand. Pass the bolt through the ear, then pass it through the tin can, then insert the disc. The bigger the diameter of the disc – the better will stand the coil, as the can won’t bend. Twist it with the screw. We just need to press the screw and test the stand.


That’s all, my dear friends. Hand made stand for solderer id ready.


I looks awesome and creatively. The main thing id that it’s very safe. It won’t melt, twist or bend. If you liked this idea, don’t forget to press like and write in comments what you’d like me to show you in the next video. Bye-bye.

Do you know?
There was a special solderer heading on sale in USSR. It had an ability of cutting and welding plastic, for example, polyethylene film.

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