How to make a spot (contact) welding

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to show you a great idea of making a simple contact welding device, it’s often called a spot welding. In order to make such a simple welding device we need an accumulator. I’m going to use an accumulator for 12 Volt and 60 A. We also need thick stranded wires to prevent them from bending. Besides, we need an electrical tape, two pieces of a copper wire with the cut of 2-3 mm and 7-8 cm in length. In conclusion we need a wooden brick. First of all we have to make two grooves for the copper wire in the wooden brick.


Then we have to connect these two pieces of wire to the cables.


Next, we put the semi-products into the grooves made before and isolate with the electrical tape. We need to leave a space of about 2-3 mm between two these contacts.


Take a small scale emery paper and rough up the ends of the cable properly.


That’s all, guys. The simplest contact welding is ready. We just need to connect cables to the accumulator.


The polarity doesn’t matter in this case. I took a metal plate for testing, it has snapped off the battery earlier. So we put a plate first, press it intensively and ease it off.

screenshot_8 screenshot_7 screenshot_9 screenshot_10

That’s all for today. Thank you very much for your attention. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and also leave comments on YouTube on what you want me to show you in the next video. Have a nice day!

Do you know?
A battery for the mass production was created in 1802. It was copper and zink sheets of the same size soldered among each other at the ends. This construction was placed in the wooden box sealed with the cement.

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