How to make a spoon bait

Hi my dear friends! Roman is with you as usual. According to your numerous requests to make something for fishing, for example a spoon bait. So today I’m going to show you how to make a spoon bait at home.


First, we need such a copper or lattin sheet, its thickness is about 0,2-0,3 mm. If you want to make a couple of spoon bait, you need to cut out such a stencil for you to make it easier , not to draw a new one each time.


Well, let’s start. First, we have to draw the stencil and then cut it out with the scissors.


We have to polish the stencil with a piece of emery paper.


Next, we need to draw the line strictly in the center with the ruler. I’ve made such an appliance beforehand, this is crocodile clip for holding the item which is being soldering, not to hold it in the hand as the semi-product will be hot. I’ve made a cut with the hacksaw


let me show you its purpose. Put down the spoon bait stencil strictly in the center till the line we drew and bend it a bit.


We have got such a semi-product. We have to bend this part with round pliers.


Insert the semi-product in the crocodile, take some flux and spread on the internal side of the spoon bait. Apply a thin layer of stannary.


Make to rings with a firm wire.


Rings are ready. We have to cover then with the flux and solder to the spoon bait.


Spoon bait is almost ready, we just need to remove the odds with the knife, clear with the emery paper and polish with GOI polishing paste.


That’s all. We have got such a spoon bait. The most important thing is to solder the rings strictly in the middle, and the line must be strictly in the center too. It’s needed to avoid drifting of the bait. Thank you all for your attention. Roman was with you. Bye-bye everyone.

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