How to make a splitter

Hello my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. The other day I decided to watch an interesting movie, but unfortunately, I couldn’t play it loud, as I wasn’t alone in the room. That moment I’ve got an idea to make an extension cord for headphones to watch films laying in bed, instead of staring at the screen. So, in this video I’ll show you how to make a simple splitter with the adapter for two connectors.


First, we need a connector and two mini-jacks for 3,5 mm, a few meters of 3 or 4 strand copper wires, solder, nippers, stanum and flux, which doesn’t need to be washed off after soldering. I don’t suggest you to use solder acid as it starts to acidify very quickly.


First, we have to cut 10 centimeters from the main wire, it will serve as a splitter for the second connector. Then strip ends of the wires with the nippers or any other tool, which is convenient for you. Twist a bit, cover with the flux, and start adding stanum little by little.


The same procedure should be done with the connector and mini-jacks, apply flux on the contacts and tin them. The main job is done, we just have to connect the wires. The photo with the pinning and the scheme of connection is on the screen.


This connector channel is common, the center contact is for the left channel and the right one is aside. Pinning of the mini-jack differs – round contact is from the left channel, square contact is from the right channel, and the long contact is common. It’s better that you tie a knot at the end of the wire before soldering, as during often usage of the device you may accidentally tear the soldered places.


That’s all. The splitter is ready. It may be used as an extension cord for speakers, headphones or microphones. Also, it allows to connect two mono microphones simultaneously, which become a stereo, or two pairs of headphones. Such device with maximum 20 cm wire length can be bought in a shop, but unfortunately it cannot be used as an extension cord. Thank you so much for your attention, for your being with me all the time. Don’t forget to estimate the video, subscribe to the channel, if you aren’t subscribed yet, and of course, share my videos with your friends, I hope they’ll like my channel too. Bye-bye everyone!

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