How to make a spirit turbo burner up to +1500o C

Hello guys! Today I’d like to show you in my video how to make a hand made turbo burner with the flame temperature up to +1500o C.


For manufacturing of a hand made turbo burner we need one candle, such a holder, which is taken from the hand made fondue. Those who haven’t seen that video, may click on the annotation and watch it right away. Also we need a shut down aluminum can with any drink, as we need just a can, and we’ll pour out the drink in another way. We also need a 98% spirit, a kind of medicine spirit, one syringe, and matches or lighter.


Firstly, we have to pour the drink out of the can. For this purpose we take a syringe needle and just pierce the can and pour the liquid into a cup or any other bowl. If you fail to pour the liquid in that way, you may do that with the help of a syringe.


Next thing that we should do is to turn around the key, because there will be the pressure inside of the can, and the most vulnerable part of the can will be the little window for the opening. In order to add some backstop to it we are just going to turn around the key in this way.


For 0,33 can that’s enough to pour 10 ml of spirit. Don’t pour more spirit, because the can won’t stand it, of course, it won’t explode, I hope there won’t be such comments that burner is dangerous and may explode…But no, the most vulnerable part of the can is this lid. It will be opened a bit, all the pressure will come out of this chap, but not out of the hole we made previously.

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Now, let’s test it. Light the candle, put it inside, put the can on the holder and wait till spirit begin to burn.


It started to boil and now we have to bring the match to the hole.


As you may see the burner is working perfectly. Now, let’s bring a needle there and see how it will be heating.


You can see that it became red after a few seconds.
Do you know?
In 1910 blow dryer which worked on the alcohol burner had been founded.

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