How to make a spiral wire

Hi my dear friends. I’d like to show you a great idea of how to make a spiral wire.


First, we need a USB cable or a cell-phone, tablet or other charging cable, which confuses you and you want to shorten it. Then, we need an electrical tape, don’t use scotch tape as it melts under a high temperature, and you would fail. A simple wooden pencil. Make sure that it’s made of wood, as nowadays there are pencils even with plastic, which melts under a high temperature too. A simple hair dryer, you may also use a hot air gun, but that won’t make a big difference as we don’t need to get too hot air temperature.


Firstly, we have to fix one end of the cable on the pencil with an electrical tape.


Then, begin wrapping the cable around the pencil. Stick the the second end with an electrical tape as well.


Turn on the hair dryer on a maximum temperature and start heating the cable during one minute.


Leave the cable to cool a bit, remove an electrical tape, get the pencil, and the spring wire is ready.


Do you know?
Radio-frequency cable of 0,3 mm thick together with isolation, was developed in Russia in 1983. However it continue to keep the leading places at the size, and is deemed t be the thinest RF cable ever existing on the planet.

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