How to make a spiral grater

Hi everybody!
Today I’d like to show you in my video a great idea of making a spiral grater. Well, in order to make a simple spiral grater we need a file, PVC pipe. You can choose the one you need for the size of carrots and cucumbers to cut. We also need a blade from stationary knife. First, leaving space of 10-20 mm we make a cut with the file till the center. You should choose an angle of cutting on your own as this angle will impact the cut thickness of carrots or cucumbers.


After making the cut you need to remove all the burrs with a stationary knife.


Measure some more 20-25 mm from the cut and cut off. In the same way you need to remove all the flaws with stationary knife. We have to get such a semi-product.


Next we have to wash it properly with alcohol to sterilize it. You have to boil the blade in the water for 10-15 minutes and then oil it with a seed oil to prevent it from further rust. In the conclusion, you need to pass the blade through, then put the marks with a marker, and carefully snap the odds off with the nippers.


In order to prevent popping the blade out of the cut, we apply a few drops of a hot glue.


Well guys, a spiral grater is ready, let’s test it. Let’s take a cucumber and put it with a longer end because the long end will be as a guideway and then just turn it round.


That’s all, guys, here we have got such a beautiful grater at minimal expenses as you might have noticed. Here is a great result though.


Thank you so much for your attention. Don’t forget to leave comments on what you want me to show you the next time in my video. Surely, press thumb up if you liked the video. Bye-bye!

Do you know?

China is a motherland of long and very elongate cucumbers. Maximal registered length is 1,83 meters. Such a super cucumber was grown in Hungary.

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