How to make a special dessert for 8th of March

Hi everybody! Today we are going to try to make a special dessert for 8th of March.


First, we need a cottage cheese. Try to choose a soft one, it should not be too dry. Anyway, if you can’t find such a soft cottage cheese, and you got a dry one, that’s not a pity, you may add a sour cream or cream. Plastic bottles, there will be one plastic mould from a bottle. So you may count the dessert portions and the number of bottles you need. One chocolate bar is 100 g weight, there is 300 g of chocolate in total. The last thing is kiwi. If you don’t like kiwi, or you haven’t got it. You may substitute it with the prunes or any other fruit you like best of all.


Let’s start the work. First, we have to make moulds. We need a stationary knife or scissors. Just cut off the bottom of the bottle.


We need to get such semi-products. Next, we melt the chocolate on the water bath or in the microwave, and cover the moulds with it inside properly.


While the chocolate is cooling, let’s make a stuff – pill and slice kiwi. You may add a few spoons of sugar in the cottage cheese to your liking. I’m not going to add sugar as chocolate is very sweet itself, and I think that would be needless.


The most responsible moment has come, we have to fill the chocolate forms with the stuff. Put the layers of cottage cheese, kiwi, then pour the chocolate on the top, even it with the spoon a little bit and put into the fridge for 5-10 minutes.


That’s all, the chocolate dessert is ready. It’s better to make small cuts with the stationary knife not to damage chocolate. Thank you so much for your attention. Bye-bye!

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