How to make a soldering iron with a candle

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make the simplest soldering iron.


To make the simplest soldering iron we need a candle, a small piece of a copper wire, one screw, wooden brick and a square piece of plywood or wood laminate and so on.


First of all we have to make a small ring at the end of a copper wire. We need round pliers for that, and we are just bending a ring.


Then pass a screw through this ring and twist it in the wooden brick. We need a screw key for this.


After you twisted in the screw, even a copper wire.


Now stick a wooden brick with a hot-melt glue to a so cold stand.


Well guys, the simplest handmade solderer is almost ready. Take a candle, put underneath a copper wire, by the way, remove the odds. We have cut an odd copper wire. Now we just need ti regulate the situation of a copper wire, to move it to the flame as close as possible


and light the candle. Well, let’s move on to the testing. I have a small motor and two wires. Let’s try to solder these two wires to the motor. To begin with we bring some solder. As you can see, everything is melting very quickly. Now bring the wire and motor.


So, the first wire is soldered, it’s fixed fine and we do the same thing with the second wire.


That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this issue and also I hope that such homemade soldering iron will help you in time of need. Do not forget to rate these video and share them with your friends and also subscribe to the channel if you have not done it yet. Bye bye to everybody.

Do you know?
It would be easier to turn out a screw that was twisted long time ago into the wood, if you heat it and press, for example, electric soldering iron sting close to the hat.

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