How to make a snowflake from the cartoon Frozen

Hello to everybody my dear friends.
In todays video I want to show you how to make a snowflake in the form of a snowman from the cartoon Frozen.


So what will we need for this?  To begin with, we need a piece of cardboard, or it is better to use a special cutting mat not to spoil a table.
Next, we need a stencil. The stencil you can download from our group VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and it is possible to find it in Facebook community. Then we need a scalpel or a knife for cutting and also scissors. The first thing we should do is to fold the sheet of paper in the vertical line so that the stencil remains outside.


Further, we bend the horizontal lines so that the stencil is left outside.


Now we bend the bottom of a right corner before the basis of the stencil.


In the conclusion we have to bend these two parts from the opposite side.


The most interesting and hard work is left for us. We cut outline with scissors neatly, and then we have to emphasize all the finishing touches with the help of a knife.


Now that we’ve cut out a snowflake, let’s open it and look what we have got.


Here we have got such a nice snowflake, by the way, I have two videos of making a snowflake with Maleficenta from the movie Maleficent and Groot from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.
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It all depends on you, if you want me to publish it – I will, if you don’t – I’ll leave these videos for the 2016 year.
Thank you for your attention. Bye Bye.

Do you know?
It took two programs in order to create Olaf: Spaces and Flourish. The first one enabled to melt the snowman and build it again. The second one helped to revive additional details of the character like branches on his head.

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