How to make a smoke flare

Hi everybody!
In order to make a smoke flare we need sugar, KNO3, NaHCO3, organic paint and a cup for mixing.


The solution should consist of 50% of sugar, 60% of KNO3, one table-spoon of baking soda and a spoon of organic paint. Also, we need to heat a frying pan on a slow fire for the purpose of making a smoke flare. Then we add everything step by step – sugar, KNO3, baking soda, and organic paint in the end. We need to get a viscous solution like nougatine candy, in order to pour it in this vessel. Let me tell you more about it. I have a tube from simple vitamins. You may use any other one, for example a tube for film storage. The most important thin is that you have to cut the bottom in order to prevent smoke flare implosion as gas will accumulate without a space to go out, so it can explode. So we have to cut the bottom and attach a piece of carton.


Let’s start, and I’ll show you it without comments, I hope you’ll understand everything.


I’ve got such a semi-product.


As you might noticed, after putting this mixture there, I made such a deepening with pen, you may also do it with pen or pencil. It’s needed to insert a wick in it. Those who don’t know how to make it, may watch the video about how to make a wick on my channel. Insert the wick, put a piece of cotton inside.


That’s all ready. Well, let’s go and test it.

screenshot_9 screenshot_10

Thanks for your attention in advance.

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