How to make a Skype phone

Hello everybody! In today’s video I will show you how to make a hand made skype phone.


In order to make it we need a telephone receiver with spring wire, a phone socket, a solderer, a soldering flux, two jack plugs of 3,5, nippers, a hacksaw, screw driver with the drill of 8 mm, and a glue pistol.


First, we have to cut off the bottom of the phone socket.


The bottom of the socket won’t be useful for us any more. There’s two connectors on the front case panel of my computer : one is for headphones, another one is for microphone. We measure the distance between them,


move sizes on the telephone socket cover, which we had cut previously, and make two holes.


Next, take to pieces two plugs, insert into the holes. And fixate with hot-melt glue.


We move to connection. As you see, there are two connectors for two phone receivers. We also need to strip wires and then wrap together pairs of yellow, red, green and black wires. Firstly, let’s connect the wires to microphone. There’s a microphone connector on the left of the front case panel of my computer, accordingly we connect wires to the left plug. The red microphone wire has a plus pole, so we solder it to the left and right channel, as there’s only one mono microphone in the telephone receiver.


The green wire is a minus pole of the microphone.


Let’s move to another mini jack plug, which is the connection of the telephone receiver dynamic. The yellow wire is a plus pole, we connect it to the left and right channels, as there’s only one dynamic in telephone receiver. The black wire is a minus pole.


After we connected the wires, shut it down and stick the cover with a hot-melt glue.


I’ve just got one more idea of making a phone holder. We need the second part of socket for this. First, we have to cut this part off it.


Now, stick this piece with a hot-melt glue in the middle.


. Remove unnecessary things with nippers. A hand made skype phone is ready. Let’s test it. Connect the adapter, then the telephone receiver.


As you see, computer found the headset. Let’s give a test skype call. Welcome to skype test service. Start recording your message after a signal…


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Do you know?
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