How to make a simple color music

Hi everybody! My name is Roman. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a simple color music. First, we need speakers. I’m going to use 2/1 system – there are two stereospeakers and a subwoofer. Then, glue pistol, nippers, screwdriver, flux, solder, solderer, electric screwdriver with the drill of 3 mm, wires, and the main thing is LED tape. We are going to use three different colors – red, green and blue. The LED tape has 12 V. I’d like to recommend you if you’ve got speakers from 3 till 10 W, you shouldn’t use LED tape which is longer than 1 meter, as there will be too much charge on the booster.


Firstly, we have to strip the wires, and then solder them to the LED tape. There are marks on plus and minus poles of the LED tape. So the red wire needs to be soldered to the plus, and the black wire to the minus.


Now tale a speaker to pieces, remove the dynamic, and set the LED tape. Drill a small hole in the speaker in order to pass the wires of the LED tape through the speaker


and solder red wire to the plus of the dynamic, and black wire to the minus.


Glue the hole in the speaker with a glue pistol. Do the same with the left speaker. Both speakers are ready.


We move to subwoofer. Open the back panel. Remove the dynamic. Now set the LED tape the same way we did it with the speakers. Make a small hole for wires in the sabwoofer, pass them through. Connect the plus of the LED tape to the plus of the sabwoofer speaker, and minus should be connected to minus. Well, my dear friends, a simple color music is ready. Connect left and right speakers, insert a mini jack in the cell-phone, and test it.


Do you know?
In 1970s investigations concerning the effect of the color music on the spacemen during the long space flight were held.

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