How to make a rope out of a plastic bottle #2

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today I’m going to show you how to make a machine for wire production out of plastic bottles. I have already got a video on a similar theme, but I was asked through skype and vkontacte to show more effective and simple variant of the machine. As the previous one was less effective, bottle skipped all the time and the blade cut the bottle badly.


 We need a wooden brick, I have polished it and made a kind of handle, it is good for handling the machine while producing the rope out of the plastic bottle.Screenshot_1

I have made a chink with the hacksaw and polished it with the emery paper. Try not to overdo it, because the chink should be of no more than 2 mm.


Then we need to specify the width of a rope. For example, if the width is 1 cm, we measure 1 cm from this edge.


Then we make one more cut with the hacksaw, the cut must be no more than 1,5 cm in depth.

Без имени-1

That’s all, the hardest job has been done. Now we have to beat in two nails and bend them, after that cut their heads off. Then we take a piece of a stationary knife blade, pass it through and bend the nails to prevent blade from slipping.


The machine is ready. Let’s test it.

Без имени-1Screenshot_10

Well, that’s all! I’m satisfied with this machine as it cuts ideally, I’m very happy with the fact that the rope has the equal width, the one we had set. If you want, you may upgrade this machine and make additional cuts and marks. For example, the first mark is after 0,5 cm, the second – after 1 cm, 1,5; 2; 2,5. So when you need a rope of 0,5 cm, you unbend the nails, remove the blade and put it into a chink of 0,5 cm, then the same with 1 cm, 1,5 cm and so on.
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