How to make a rope cutting machine with a plastic bottle

Hi everybody! Today I decided to tell you how to make a rope cutting machine with a plastic bottle.


Very nice baskets and hand made decorations can be braided with such a lace. To make this machine we need two plastic bottle necks, a stationary knife blade, a lighter and a glue. Let’s start. There are glue pistol, stationary knife, lighter, coins, stationary knife blade and two plastic bottle necks, I have cut them before, to do it with ease you may heat the knife.


Put a stationary knife blade on the coins. Pay attention, that you may control the thickness of the lace with the coins. Heat one side of the blade, and press it in. Do the same thing on another side. We need to get such a semi-product.


Then, take a stationary knife and scratch the disk to make it more stickable. Cover the disk and the semi-product with glue, stick it.


You may use it the way you want depending on your imagination. I’d like to say thanks to the administrator of “Made in Moldova” community for cooperation.
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