How to make a ring out of a coin at home

Hello my dear friends! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a ring out of the simple coin.


First, we need a stainless spoon, it should be better thick one, because we will knock with it on the coin and it shouldn’t bend. Then we need a coin, you may take any coin, the bigger the coin would be – the wider your ring comes out. Also we need an anvil, I’ve got a piece of rail.
We take a coin in your left hand and hold it with two fingers, then I stop it at the rail and slightly knock on the coin. For example, knock three times and turn it a little bit around, then the same thing, knock three times and turn it a little bit, then we turn back the coin and do the same, knock three times and turn around. You should do it evenly, for instance, three rounds you knock at the one side and turn back the coin and knock three rounds at another side.
Well, let’s see how I work this out.


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So I got such a semi-product, next we need to drill a hole in the middle of it, install the ring on the drill and polish it around.


After making a hole in the coin we take a bolt and two screws,


insert the coin inside and clutch it at both sides


and place the heading on the drill.

We take a little grit paper and start polishing.

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After that we polish with the leather.

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Well, now we have to polish the coin inside. Of course, if you have professional equipment you may do it with the engraver easily. But if you haven’t got it as do I, you may polish it manually with a little file or take such a big rasp-file, sat it on the drill and polish it from the inside on the sly.
So let me show you this method and you’ll decide whether you like it.


Well, our ring is almost done, we take a grit paper and sand it from the inside. Now we take a piece of leather and the GOI past (a past based on the Chromium(III) oxide), put it on the leather, then make the ring glance.


That’s all, our ring is ready! Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as you’ll find interesting videos for yourself as well! Thank you one more time! Bye everyone!