How to make a reusable tube with your hands?

Hi my dear friends! In today`s video I`d like to show you a great idea of how to reuse a toothpaste tube.
So we need a foil, empty tube, iron and any filler
First I would like to answer to the comments of some wise heads who every time got used to write that that idea is useless or where to use it etc.
Guys, first you can fill this tube with mayonnaise and joke at for example your brother or sister. They will be very surprised brushing teeth with mayonnaise instead of toothpaste in the morning.
Also you may use this idea in a trip. You can fill this tube with a shampoo instead of toothpaste. You can take with you only this tube in order not to carry this big bottle. Also you are able to fill our tube with solid oil and use it in garage to lubricate some little details etc. I think you`ll guess how to use it.
So let`s start!
First we need to cut off the lower part of the tube and wash the tube.


Then we fill it with shampoo, сream, solid oil, oil, mayonnaise, ketchup or whatever you want.


And now we incurve ends once or twice, then we wrap a bend in a foil. It is necessary to avoid glueing iron with plastic. We put the tube on a wooden bar and iron at maximum until the plastic is sticked to each other.


We wait as plastic needs to cool off. After that we take off the foil.


So it looks great.
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Thank you all for your attention very much.

Do you know?
Egyptian manuscript contains the earliest reference to toothpaste. The recipe was a mix of of powdered salt, pepper, mint leaves and iris flowers.

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