How to make a projecting device?

Hello my dear friends! Today I’d like to tell you how to make the simplest and cheapest projecting device with your own hands.

For manufacturing of projecting device we need to carton boxes, magnifying glass, cell-phone, black paint – water color or gouache, or a black shoe cream in my case.


First of all you need to paint over the box  inside in order to avoid outside flecks and increase the image quality.

Без имени-1

Then we make a small hole in the box in the shape of a magnifying glass. So we put a magnifying glass, draw a contour line and cut it neatly with the stationery knife.

Без имени-1

Afterwards we insert a magnifying glass into the hole and fix it with the glue pistol, sticky tape or even plasticine.


Well, the projecting device is almost ready, now we just have to make a cell-phone holder. You may use a simple carton box as I do or use a piece of foam plastic.


The most important thing is that the holder must be mobile and when we are going to move the holder closer to the magnifying glass or away from it we will control the image definition.


Let me show you how it works. For example, we start playing any video, then put the holder into the box, control the image definition and close the box to get a better image quality.


That’s all. We have got the simplest hand made projecting device. The only disadvantage is that its maximum diagonal is 32 inches. Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and press “thumb up” if you liked this video. Of course, write in comments what you want to see in the next video. Thank you all for your attention! Roman was here with you! Bye-bye everyone!

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