How to make a powerful smoke flare


Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a smoke flare at home. Surely, I have such video, you may watch it if you haven’t before. But there was the thing that my subscribers and I disliked in that video. This is the fact that there was a little smoke from that smoke flare made of potassium saltpeter. Today I’m going to make things different and show you another compound. We need any kind of wash-basin or a vessel like this, newspaper, ammonia nitrate, I think you’ll be able to find it in any agrarian store, and a bottle of water.


Well, let me show the process step by step. First, we have to add nitrate into the bottle with approximate 1/1 rates. For example, one half of bottle is filled with water, and another half should be filled with nitrate.


After we added ammonia nitrate, we screw the lid and shake it properly. Then we have to soak the newspaper with this solution, pour it into the vessel. The important thing is to soak the newspaper as much as possible, as it will affect the smoke quantity we get from the flare.


Then we put the newspapers under the sun to dry well.


Newspapers became dry, now we need to twist it to the pipe shape. Next, we take a food foil and wrap it with the foil around.


That’s all, our smoke flare is ready. Let’s test it.

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So we’ve got such a smoke flare. Thank you for your attention. By the way, if you live in Moldova, and felt an earthquake at half past four p.m., leave your comments, because it’s interesting to know what you were doing at that time, and whether you felt that little earthquake. Well, thanks for your attention. Bye-bye everyone!

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